Le Bonheur Tea Tree Cleanser

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Key Features:

  • Deep cleansing for acne
  • Natural antiseptic
  • Reduces acne breakouts
  • Purifies and hydrates your skin
  • Clear


Product Description

Let Your Skin Breathe!

After going through daily wear-and-tear due to dirt, dust, and pollution, your skin gets excessive oily, infected and full of acne. You may not know, but your skin may be longing for a hydrating, refreshing makeover at the end of the day. Here, Le Bonheur Tea Tree Cleanser comes to your skin’s rescue, as it is a panacea for all your oily skin ailments. Infused with Tea Tree Oil, Basil Extracts and Grapefruit Extracts, this potent face cleanser clears clogged pores and purifies your skin. Tea Tree Oil is a natural antiseptic, and hence, controls and reduces the breakout of pimples and acne on your face. It cleans and clears your skin of any fungal infection, blemishes or patches, improving the overall texture of your facial skin. With Le Bonheur, face cleansing at home is possible without much ado. Just splash on a generous amount of cleanser on your palm, massage into your skin, and you are good to go! No wonder Le Bonheur Tea Tree Cleanser is considered to be one of the best facial cleansers by the revered clientele. For best results, make sure you apply  Le Bonheur Le Seaweed Gel Sunscreen SPF-25 Lotion to keep your skin protected while you are out in the sun as well.

As it has Tea Tree Oil as the main ingredient, Le Bonheur Tea Tree Cleanser is suitable for oily skin as well as dry skin.

Tea Tree Oil, Basil Extracts, Grapefruit Extracts

Take half tea spoon and massage with water for 3 minutes and remove with wet tissue.


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