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Our Story

Le Bonheur is a premium skincare brand providing niche products and treatments to preserve your natural beauty and skin. As a brand, Le Bonheur is committed to providing trusted organic beauty products, since 2011. Our journey started when we realized the gap that exists in the availability of premium skincare products catering to the urban woman – who only prefers the best. Thus, started our voyage, when we decided to put our dermatological research expertise to test by creating formulations that are designed to cater to the needs and concerns of urban women.

With the passing years, we have passionately increased our knowledge and research acumen to bring some of the best skincare and cosmeceutical solutions to your doorstep.

Our Inspiration

Highly recommended by skincare professionals, we derive our core inspiration from all that nature has to offer. Our product range consists of products that are a blend of nature’s essence, organic ingredients, and the perfect blend of scientific fundamentals.

Would you believe if we said that our inspiration is that droplet that merges with the ocean and ends up creating a prominent ripple, regardless of its vastness?

Our products are curated with quality skincare and appreciation for nature as the onus. That is why we ensure that our products are not tested on animals and that they inherently follow the highest quality protocols.

We are determined to offer organic and carefully curated products that would nurture the inherent urban beauty that every woman is!

Our Promise

Le Bonheur beauty products combine herbal methods and scientific solutions to create products that will enhance your natural beauty. We believe that the best possible results can be derived from nature’s very own secrets, if only someone had the courage to explore it the way we have. From products like Le Bonheur Wax to Le Bonheur Facial Kit, our mission to provide organic beauty products is consistent to its true value. We promise to deliver the finest range of skincare products and ensure that there is minimal use of synthetic colors, chemical dyes, fragrances, and pesticides for the benefit of both – your skin and our environment.

Best Industrial Practices – Amalgamation of Nature with Science

Where We Standout

At Le Bonheur, we have the expertise to deliver the most comprehensive solutions for your beauty and skincare needs. We have our focus defined as the modern urban woman and we strive to constantly create and cater products suited to their needs. Our range offers organic and dermatologically proven solutions to address any skin or hair related issues that our customers might be facing.

We can proudly say that, Le Bonheur beauty products ensure that you are always in love with your skin.

Organically. Absolutely. Constantly.

Organic Cosmeceutical Approach to Skincare