OS Vit-C Face Wash – 100ml


Key Features:

  • Anti-aging factor
  • Helps in skin lightening
  • Firmness due to ascorbic acid
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Product Description

You Can Look Young Too!

OS Vit-C Face Wash plays a very vital role in the process of whitening and deep cleansing. Vitamin C boosts the collagen cells in the skin which in turn makes the skin tighter and firmer. Vitamin C is used as one of the main ingredients in anti-wrinkle therapy. It is marked as the best face wash for pimples and glowing skin. This face wash consists of Orange Extracts, Orange Peel of Powder, Orange Oil, Vit-C which has antioxidant properties and works best to offer skin without pimple. Use this face wash along with OS Night Cream for best results.

Having Vitamin C as main ingredient it can be used for skin whitening and de-tanning reasons. Also, recommended as best face wash for glowing skin purposes in order to keep it fresh and young.

Orange Extracts, Orange Peel Of Powder, Orange Oil, Vit-C
Face Wash with Vitamin C
• Contains highly effective anti-oxidant properties
• Helps fight dark spots and pigmented areas
• Reduces damages caused by UV rays
Face wash with Orange Oil
• Improves collagen production
• Includes anti-aging properties
• Maintains oil balance of the skin
Face wash with Orange Extracts and peel
• Contains anti-inflammatory properties
• Source of Vitamin C and E
• Helps in reducing wrinkles and fine lines

1. Apply
Wet your face with warm water. Apply a small amount of OS Vitamin C Face Wash and lather.
2. Massage
Massage your skin thoroughly until a thick layer of foam is formed.
3. Rinse
Rinse your face with warm water and pat dry with a cotton towel. For best results, apply twice a day.


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