Le Bonheur Le Retinol Yellow Peel Kit



Key Features :

Step-1 Le Pre peel Toner

  • It is the pre-peel preparatory products which degrease the skin & also make it bacterial free & clean.

Step-2 Le Retinol Yellow Peel

  • Lightening
  • Anti-aging
  • Anti-acne
  • Depigmenting
  • Restructuring

Step-3 Le Post Peel Neutralizer

  • Cooling agents soothe skin and relieve stinging, burning, inflammation and discomfort after the peel process

Step-4 Le Peau tonic

  • This Acid Free & alcohol free product firms, soothes & de-sensitizes the skin.



Step-1 Le Pre peel Toner

Direction: Before applying to skin take a small amount of Le Bonheur Pre Peel Toner with water in your hands. Massage gently all over the face to ensure that cleaning is done properly. Rinse properly and Remove with water using cotton or soft towel.

Step-2 Le Retinol Yellow Peel

Direction :

  • Take approximate of 2 gm of Le Bonheur Retinol Yellow Peel with spatula in a bowl.
  • Apply the Le Bonheur Retinol Yellow Peel with finger/earbud, leaving behind a homogeneous layer on the skin surface.
  • Leave Le Bonheur Retinol Yellow Peel 30 min. to 8 hours depending on grade of melasama, skin sensitivity and tolerance of person.

Step-3 Le Post Peel Neutralizer 

Direction: Apply only once when the professional considers the treatment time of peeling finished.

Step-4 Le Peau tonic

Direction : Massage in completely.

Warning: For External Use Only. Stop Usage If Irritation Occurs.

Storage: Store Below 25 °C in Cool & Dry Place

Do’s & Don’ts After Peeling:


  • Treat your skin gently
  • Use SPF
  • Use Anti-oxidants
  • Use a Skin Lightener



  • Use cleansers
  • Exfoliate
  • Pick at the skin
  • Over-moisturize to compensate for post peeling dryness