Le Gold Facial Kit –(D’ior) – 1 Mono Kit.


Key Features:

  • Polishes Skin
  • Rejuvenates skin energy
  • Offers instant glow



Best Facial for Glowing Skin

There are times when we make instant plans to go at a party or a function, but your skin may not be party ready. To make sure that you do not lose out while wondering how to get glowing skin overnight, Le Bonheur has come up with Le Bonheur Le D’ior Facial kit. Considered to be one of the best facials for glowing skin, this facial kit contains powerful ingredients like Glycolic Acid, Niacinamide, Vitamin C, Golden Pearl, and Lactic Acid which will aid in removing the layer of dirt and dust from your skin pores and giving that instant glow. This facial kit helps in making your skin look brighter and youthful in 6 simple steps, this also bleaches facial hair to the skin tone and removes uneven patches on the face to make it look amazing. For women, who want to use it at home, facial steps have been mentioned on the package for easy use. Combine the facial kit with Le Bonheur Bleach Cream for best results on your skin

1. Le D’ior Detox Cleanser:
Moisten face with water, apply cleanser and massage gently over skin. Rinse thoroughly with water.
2. Le D’ior Peel
Massage in a sweeping circular motion over skin for 5 minutes. Wash thoroughly using water.
3. Le D’ior Booster Gel:
After washing your face, apply a small amount all over the face, avoiding the eye area, gently massage into your skin and allow it to absorb fully. Massage the gel for 15 minutes on oily skin and 5 minutes on dry skin.
4. Le D’ior Cream:
Apply over fresh cleansed skin and massage in completely. Massage the cream for 15 minutes on dry skin and 5 minutes on oily skin.
5. Le D’ior Illuminating Mask:
Apply a generous amount on face & neck and wait for 15 minutes before rinsing off.
6. Le Moisturizing UV Protector:
Apply with light upward strokes.


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Those who are looking for an instant glow, just do it before you hit the party!

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