Le Bonheur Sweet Lime De-Tan Wax – 800g


Key Features:

  • Painless Waxing
  • Removes Tan
  • Provides Glowing Skin


Product Description

Bid Adieu to Unwanted Tan

We bet you love the way your skin looks and feels after waxing, right? How about you get rid of your tan while you get waxed? With Le Bonheur Sweet Lime De-Tan Wax, it is now possible. This tan removal wax isn’t the hot sugar wax which used to be harsh on your skin. All you need to do is heat the body wax at a normal temperature and apply it wherever you need to wax. Pull it once it is dry and the formulation makes sure that your tanning is gone along with your unwanted hairs. This wax contains Rosin and Titanium Dioxide to help you with tan removing within just a single pull. This detan wax also helps in preventing skin from post waxing irritation. You may not need to go for strong chemical de-tanning treatments; Le Bonheur Sweet Lime De-Tan Wax can be all in one partner for waxing as well as De-tan. Grab this liposoluble wax today and get the tan free skin along with pure sweet lime aroma.

It is for those who are looking for a liposoluble wax that also offer tan free skin. Perfect for those with sensitive skin who are looking for pain-free waxing at home.

1. Cleanser & then thoroughly dry the area to be epliated.
2. Warm the wax until it is completely melted (the temperature of use is about 40 degrees.
3. Spread the wax in a very thin layer in the direction of the hair growth. Apply the non woven strip on the wax and tear off in the opposite direction of hair growth in quick motions and try to keep the strip as close as possible to the skin.
4. Clean where hair has been removed with Le Bonheur After Wax Oil after wax.


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