Le Bonheur Pink Rose Wax – 800g


Key Features:

  • Helps in removing tan
  • Less painful waxing
  • Fewer chances of inflammation and marks
  • Suitable for sensitive skin


Product Description

For Rose-y Smooth Skin

Usage of hair removal creams or shaving or threading, makes hair grow faster and thicker. This may lead to the problems of ingrown hair and skin getting dull, rough and allergic. Therefore, waxing proves to be the best method of removing unwanted hair. Le Bonheur Pink Rose Wax removes hair without breakage, making sensitive skin soft and supple. It is less painful and decreases the chances of redness. Natural ingredient like kokumbutter is anti-inflammatory and helps in rejuvenating damaged skin cells. Moreover, it has Titanium Dioxidewhich makes the application of wax smooth and effective. Moreover, it is helpful to shed out tan and make skin radiate.

Le Bonheur Pink Rose Wax is apt for people who have sensitive skin. It is non-allergic and makes skin radiate and blush.

Kokum Butter, Rosin, TiO2

1. Cleanse & then thoroughly dry the area to be epliated.
2. Warm the wax until it is completely melted (the temperature of use is about 40 degrees.
3. Spread the wax in a very thin layer in the direction of the hair growth. Apply the non woven strip on the wax and tear off in the opposite direction of hair growth in quick motions and try to keep the strip as close as possible to the skin.
4. Clean where hair has been removed with Le Bonheur After Wax Oil after wax.


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