Le Bonheur Peel Off Mask Le Purifying – 420g


Key Features:

  • Removes skin impurities
  • Improves skin texture
  • Reduces acne


Product Description

Purification for Your Skin

Did you know that all the habits that you maintain have a harsh impact on your skin as well? There is a difference between nourished and purified skin. Nourished skin may look fair and ultra-white but it may still have those unhealthy factors within. Skin purification happens inside and out which is why you need a good purifying peel off mask, which reaches the very roots of your skin. Having a healthy and purified skin is not an easy feat. Along with that, make sure to go for the best peel off mask for glowing skin – Le Bonheur Peel Off Mask Le Purifying. Enriched with active carbon, Le Bonheur purifying peel off mask works in two ways – It helps in removing any impurities due to bacteria from your skin and it purifies the skin naturally and organically. To take that skin purification process to the next level, use the Le Bonheur Tea Tree Cleanser to cleanse your face before applying the mask.

This purifying peel off mask is perfect for people acne skin who are exposed to too much pollution and dirt regularly for skin purification.

Algae, Charcoal

Take 2 scoops (30 gm) of mask and mix with water (60ml at 20 degree c) pour all water at once on powder and stir vigorously till a smooth paste is formed. Apply the paste immediately on full face and leave for 20 minutes. Remove it in one piece.


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