Le Bonheur Painless Mesogun

Key Feature:

For Face:

  • Oily skin, big pores, thick horniness.
  • Skin color dark, fatigue, dropsy and scarse of oxygen.
  • Mature skin, slack, short of water, wrinkle, dry.
  • Prevents the series of skin problems caused by shortage of water.
  • Restrain the acne rebirth, avoid the wound infection
  • Open cells channel woundless, absorbs nutrition, participate in cells metabolism, promote cells rebirth.

For Eyes:

  • Black eye socket, eye bag, wrinkle, dropsy.
  • Blood vessels, detoxification.”


Product Description

Needle-free meso therapy or mesoderm or cell rupture technique. Point to Point infiltration techniques, by orientation, layer-oriented and ration to transport high-energy nutrition serum directly into the skin tissue, lets it quickly absorbed.
1. According to the treatment of customer, fill the bottle with relevant Le Bonheur Serum, then fix it in the Mesogun.
2. By operating the mesogun, inject the serum into the deep seated skin, to get the best results.
3. The beautician can operate the Mesogun by circle gesture, move it by come and go on the treated skin surface.
4. During treatment, the probe should be touched with the customer skin, normally under the customer back, let the energy form a effective circuit in the human magnetic field.

All skin types.

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