Le Bonheur OS Anti Acne Mask – 50g


Key Features:

  • Acne free skin
  • Fast visible results on skin
  • Organic and natural


Product Description

Be Acne-Free. Always.

The increasing pollution can damage your skin to a great extent resulting in uninvited skin breakouts such as acne. With the busy life, you hardly get time to go to salons to treat your deteriorated skin and to remove pimples. Treating your acne is essential as it can increase the infection; eventually resulting in some serious skin problems. OS Anti Acne Mask can be the best rescue for your pimple problems. Using this mask will give you results similar to home remedies for pimples. This is the best face mask for acne as it also moisturizes your skin along with treating your acne. The anti-acne mask of OS is an organic and natural potion that strives to give you best results along with treating your acne problems. Make sure you include OS Anti Acne Mask in your skin regime which would surely leave your skin softer, clearer and glowing. For best results, cleanse your face with OS Green Tea Face Wash before applying the anti-acne mask.

People who are looking to prevent and control acne can include this product in their skin routine.

Clove, Clove Oil, Cardamom, Camphor, Nutmeg White Peeper

Moist face with cold water & apply a 1/4 inch thick layer & Rinse with cold water after 20 mintues


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