Le Bonheur Le Vitamin-C Serum (Double Action) – 30ml


Key Features:

  • Improves skin tone
  • Has Anti-aging properties
  • Reduces excessive pigmentation
  • Nourishes skin


Product Description

Vitamin-C Dose for Your Skin

Vitamin-C is as important as other nutrients that you include in your diet and skincare regime. And when you think about Vitamin-C, you think of Oranges and Lemon. The properties these fruits contain make them power packed ingredients for many skin whitening and brightening products. Le Bonheur Le Vitamin-C Serum (Double Action) is the best Vitamin C serum in India, and is rich in ascorbic acid and is considered as one of the best whitening serums for face. Not only does it brighten your face, it also helps in reducing pigmentation. It is of course easy to get confused about when to apply face serum? The best time to apply this serum is at night before applying night cream. Just 2 drops of Le Bonheur Vit C Serum are enough to give you the necessary boost of Vitamin-C. For best results, make sure you use Le Bonheur Le UV Protector Mineral-Whitening SPF-20 Cream before you step out in the sun during the day time.

People with normal to dry skin types, who specifically want to work on their accelerated aging issue as well as want to get a lighter skin tone, can use this Vitamin-C rich face serum.

Caution: Use this serum at night only and is not recommended for people with sensitive skin.

Vitamin C And Glutathione, Hydra Cell

Apply a drop and penetrate into the skin. Do not use on sensitive skin.


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