Le Bonheur Le Seaweed Gel Sunscreen SPF-25 – 50ml


Key Features:

  • Hydrates skin
  • Non-greasy formulation
  • SPF-25 sun protection


Product Description

Aqueous Formulation for Sun Protection

While we love basking in the sun at the beach, it is important to protect your skin with a sunscreen lotion that understands your skin. Le Bonheur Le Seaweed Gel Sunscreen SPF-25 delivers a broad-spectrum UV protection with a formulation that keeps the skin hydrated. This water-resistant sunscreen gel keeps your screen hydrated and refreshed while you are out taking over the world during those hot sunny days. Le Bonheur Le Seaweed Gel Sunscreen contains powerful ingredients like Chamomile Recutita & Cucumber Extracts, Seaweed Extracts and Witch Hazel to keep your skin moisturized and protected in all weather conditions. The extraordinary seaweed formula in this gel-based sunscreen helps, especially if you have oily skin. All you need to do is apply the lotion, before you put on your makeup, and prepare yourself to step out in the sun. Also try Le Bonheur Tea Tree Cleanser to replenish your skin’s moisture, before you apply the lotion, for wholesome results.

For those who want an oil-free sunscreen lotion with aqueous formula to keep skin hydrated and protected from sun. This lotion is especially effective for people with oily skin.

Chamomile Recutita & Cucumber Extracts, TiO2, Seewead Extracts, Witch Hazel

Dap on skin for UV rays protection.


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