Le Bonheur Le Bath Gel Ocean Fresh – 200ml


Key Features:

  • Hydrating body wash
  • Moisturises and removes the feeling of dryness after wash
  • Ideal for hair colour protection, skin moisturization, shaving gel and body wash


Product Description

This bath gel or shower gel is made from Papaya Leaf Extracts with the addition of Sea Weed benefits. Papaya leaf extract contains a natural exfoliating enzyme, Papain which helps keep pores clean.

Le Bonheur Le Bath Gel Ocean Fresh is excellent for men as well as women. This body wash has long lasting fragrance and is the best way to pamper yourself while you relax.

Papaya Extract, Sea Weed Extract, Allantoin

1. Turn on the shower and step in 2. Pour some gel onto a sponge 3. Squish and massage the sponge or washcloth until the soap begins to foam and lather 4. Gently scrub yourself all over 5. Rinse it all off


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