Le Bonheur HIFU Face

Key Feature:

Works till SMAS Layer and regenrates the cells. SMAS – High Intensity

  • Ultrasound has greatly broken all the limits with noninvasive ground on the dermis and lift operation to reach the SMAS fascia layer.
  • The epidermis and the dermis of skin will cause the appearance of fine lines to diminish.
  • The passage of subcutaneous fascia layer collagen can cause muscle and fat prolapse which makes the face to return to the younger structure.


Product Description

Holding the SMAS fascia layer collagen is the key to lifting up your face.
1. HIFU (high-intensity focused ultrasound) principle is use of high-energy ultrasonic focusing on treatment, making the skin tissues generate heat effect to cell part high-speed friction, stimulate collagen hyperplasia.
2. Such heat effect will not hurt skin layer, because the treatment time is around 0-0.5 seconds after which we quickly direct treatment parts, and instead reach the peripheral tissue and directs transfer to the Superficial Tendon Membrane System (SMAS), so it not only can tighten the skin but also lifts the muscle layer to gradually thin face effect.

All skin types.

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