Le Bonheur Bright Revive Programme – I (7 Step)


Key Features:

  • Whitens your skin
  • Offers instant glow
  • Maintains skin moisture


Product Description

Treat your Skin the Way it Requires!

Don’t you wish you could revive your stressed skin and give it that instant glow, whenever you want to? We understand you more than you think, which is why we, at Le Bonheur, have come up with a revolutionary solution to give you instant glowing skin with our Le Bonheur Bright Revive Programme – I. This is a 7-step facial kit that comes with powerful ingredients such as Vitamin-C and Lemon Peel Extracts to help you gain the whitening glow instantly. Now look your best, regardless of the occasion with this extraordinary skin lightening treatment by Le Bonheur. Rather than wasting your time on skin whitening creams that don’t work, go for this easy and effective facial for skin whitening, which treats your skin very gently and renders an even tone to dull and damaged skin by removing any rashes and pores on the skin. To preserve the glowing results of the facial, make sure you apply Le Bonheur Le UV Protector Mineral-Whitening SPF-20, every time you step out of the house.

Women looking for an instantly glowing skin or skin lightening treatment to take care of their skin beautifully. 

Vit-C, Lemon Peel Extract

1. Le Reversion Tan:
Apply over face & neck, massage gently with water for five minutes and rinse with water.
2. Le Sweet Lime Cleanser:
Apply over face & neck, massage gently with water for five minutes and rinse with water.
3. Le Peau Exfoliate:
Apply a uniform layer using gentle circular movements for 5 minutes with steam. Then rinse off with water.
4. Le Whitening Gel:
Massaging it completely, this product uses the latest gel technology, nourishing your face at the cellular level.
5. Le Radiance Massage Cream:
Apply on face and give massage till penetration.
6. Le AHA Mask:
Use this highly concentrated natural glycolic acid formula with respect. Spread a 1/8 to 1/4 inch thick layer on skin (body parts). Rinse the pack with cold water after 20 minutes.
7. Le Moisturizing UV Protector:
Apply with light upward strokes.
Home Care: Le Bonheur Perfect White Night Cream
After serum penetration apply the night cream for even further lightning.


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