Le Bonheur Breast Lifting & Enlargement Machine

Key Feature:

  • Vibration, Negative Current and Suction Therapy (3-in-1)
  • Breast enlargement machine adopts negative voltage, vacuum sucking and rhythm therapy


Product Description

Accelerates lymph rolling, shrinks pores, regulates skin condition, improves micro-circulation, enhances ossein’s elasticity, lifts floppy muscle, gets rid of wrinkles and pouch, tightens skin, etc. Stimulates pituitary to excrete hormone, exercise muscle groups and fibre tissue, improves breasts’ elasticity, and corrects cupped nipples
Accelerates fat acid-burning to remove floppy fat, lose weight, beautify legs, tightens skin, removes toxin, improves form of cellular tissue, shape and lifts hip.

All skin types.

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