Le Bonheur Brazilian Wax – 250g


About this item

  • This gentle formula removes even the coarsest hair from sensitive and delicate areas.
  • Melt the wax , spread wax onto over skin with a spatula along the direction of the hair growth, apply with pressure.
  • Remove the wax with a quick & firm action, parallel to the skin in the opposite direction of hair growth. Perfect hair follicle root removal everytime!
  • Made from certified? natural ingredients, safe to your skin, also no harmful chemicals when melting.
  • Ideal for both men and women.


Flaunt Your Confidence

Le Bonheur Brazilian wax is a type of wax that is especially made for facial and bikini area, since they are sensitive areas. This liposoluble wax contains Rosin and Titanium Dioxide which can help you take care of your body hair in a hassle-free way. Rosin is the solid form of resin, a component which is very helpful for skin smoothening and Titanium Dioxide acts as the tan removing catalyst in this body wax. We have taken extra care to make this liposoluble wax anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory, so that you do not have to worry about skin irritation post waxing. What’s more! This wax even leaves your skin with a soft texture and fragrance.

This wax is for people who are looking for painless waxing and want to remove unwanted hairs in sensitive areas. This body wax is totally pain-free and is even suitable for waxing at home.

Rosin, TiO2, Bees Wax

1. Hydrate skin using Le Bonheur Pre Wax Gel
2. Melt the wax in the bowl around 70-80 degree till the wax turn up to semi-solid and not watery form.
3. Apply the pre-wax degreasing solution to the area.
4. Test the temperature of the wax on your forearm.
5. Apply it with popsicle stick towards the hair growth. Start at the root of the hair, and go into the direction the hair naturally grows. It is advisible to leave a little tab of wax unconnected to the skin at the end of the strip.
6. Remove the wax. Go in the opposite direction towards the application. This is to ensure a smooth and pain free finish. Leave wax for 10-15 seconds (products may vary) or until wax is cooler and hard. If you did not leave a tab, flick up the wax to create one. Hold skin tight by spreading it with your fingers from the wax-covered area. Grip the wax firmly in your other hand & tug quickly. It is important not to pull wax up off the skin, rather to pull parallel to the skin, back over top of the waxed area. Immediately place free hand firmly over waxed area to relieve any pain. The wax will not catch some hairs; however it is important to wax each part of your skin once, so leftover hair must be removed at another time. Repeat application and removal of wax over the area of hair that you would like to remove.
7. Clean up with Le Bonheur Post wax oil (or baby oil) it will loosen any wax residue and soothe any remaining discomfort. you may wish to combine this with gentle massage to calm your skin. Any redness would ease within an hour or so.