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OS, the first brain child of the passionate minds behind the premium cosmeceutical brand in India, Le Bonheur. OS has been created to launch derma products that would address specific skin challenges that you face in your day to day life. Since 2008, OS has been providing solutions for major skin issues like acne, pigmentation, and matured dry skin by infusing principles of science with ingredients sought out from the nature’s lap.

Scientific Skincare

We believe that beauty comes from deep within.

However, we know that the environment today can tarnish the masterpiece that is your skin. We have created a unique blend of viable scientific formulas with eco-friendly solutions for all your skin related problems.

Products by OS, offer solutions by being naturally scientific towards any skincare issue you might be facing. We understand your skin just as much as your trusted dermatologist and our derma-cosmetics have been created keeping in mind your needs and challenges.

“Dermatologically Tested and Recommended Products Made Accessible”

OS skincare brings you expert products containing colors, fragrances, and chemicals. Our products are highly effective, targeting specific areas that your skin needs protection from. OS cosmetics contain a wide range of products that are tested for quality and effectiveness, and bring definite results.