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Hairfall Problems? Top 5 Reasons Why It Could Be

hair loss

Hair fall problem is a scary thing for everyone. In fact, it’s more of a panic to witness it every day. Hair loss in medical terms is known as Alopecia. In symptoms of alopecia, you may notice unnatural hair thinning, losing hair from any parts of the body or victim of trichotillomania, a mental disorder where the affected person willingly pulls out his or her own hair. However, in today’s time, we have multiple hair fall solution to recover from hair loss. But, before consulting some dermatologist or endocrinologist, it is advisable to know the exact reasons for the cause.

Causes for Hair Loss

Your habits and lifestyle affect your skin, body, and hair in a lot of ways. Moreover, your eating habits also define a lot about your hair problems. Multiple reasons for hair fall can be:


According to experts, one of the first reasons for hairfall is hereditary. You may not know, but you may have inherited the hair fall problem since the time you were born. In such cases, it is advisable to take some treatment as well as extra care in order to reduce the probability. However, there might be no permanent cure to the problem due to the genetic inheritance.


Your hair gets all the nutrients from your food which in turn makes it strong and resistant. It is advisable to include vitamin E and other minerals in your diet in large proportion to maintain good quality hair. You can opt for all seasonal fruits, vegetables and dry fruits in your daily diet as it would contain vitamin C that naturally reduces hair fall problem.


During pregnancy, you go through a lot of hormonal changes. It is essential to take care of nutritive food intake during this time to eliminate or at least reduce hair fall problem. The excessive shedding of hair that occurs during pregnancy is termed as Telogen effluvium that affects approximately 40% to 50% of women. However, like other physical and hormonal changes in the body during pregnancy, this problem is also temporary. Also, it is advisable to consume foods which contain Zinc, Vitamins B, Vitamin C and Vitamin E in proper proportion.


Medical treatment can sometimes demand the consumption of heavy dose medicines which can adversely affect your scalp as well as your hair. It creates a hormonal imbalance in your body which ultimately affects the growth of your hair. Anti-coagulants or beta-blockers that act as blood thinners in some of the diseases affect your hair. But hair loss caused due to medications is temporary and can be cured as you recover.


Chemicals in any form harm your body as well as your hair. Hairstyling can be attractive, but excessive application can often damage your hair making it weak and brittle. Due to this reason, it is advisable to avoid excessive use of chemicals on your hair. You can use chemical–free natural ingredients like Aloe Vera, Fenugreek Seeds, and Curd etc. to naturally nourish your hair without the usage of other external products.

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Posted in Knowledge Center on February, 2019