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Crafted to Care, Repair and Renew


Le Bonheur is a premier online beauty and skincare brand providing high quality products and treatment for a glowing and healthy skin. Since 2011, we have provided premium skin care products catering to urban women. We pride ourselves in offering a comprehensive selection of skin care, hair care and beauty products for women. Whether it is skin tan, skin pigmentation, red blemishes, dark spots or acne scars, we have wonderful products that work magically on your skin helping remove tan, heal any kind of skin damage and brighten your skin. Our goal is to empower women through our result-oriented natural beauty products.

Over the years we are passionately investing in research and development to provide our elite customers’ best skin care solutions at great prices. It is our mission to offer women the best of cosmetic innovation in terms of quality, safety and results. Because to look good is their privilege! Right?

We believe in developing products which are a perfect blend of organic ingredients that nature offers and best of scientific fundamentals.

Dealing with polluted, dull and dry skin are making urban people more concerned about their beauty. After some time, skin gets damaged and it seems tough to maintain it. So the dream of flawless and glowing skin can be shattered due to pollution, harsh chemicals and hectic lifestyle. That is where a good natural remedy can attract more that those chemically filled artificial recipes. Since Mother Nature has given us variety of resources to give our skin natural glow, Le Bonheur uses organic ingredients with scientific basis in all its products offering the best of both worlds.

We are passionate about and have devoted our energy, our competencies solely to one business i.e. Beauty. As a result, we are able to deliver pure, genuine skincare and beauty products that are gentle yet intrinsically deep. Our result oriented products enables individuals gain self-confidence and open up to others. Year-on-year we are able to reach out to a greater number of beauty conscious women increasing our list of proud customers.

Your skin is precious. In today’s times, who doesn’t want flawless and glowing skin? The market is flooded with thousands of such beauty products loaded with chemicals promising immediate results. Such products might show immediate results, but in the long run they do more harm than good. So now, what’s the solution? Giving your skin a natural treat. That’s why we believe investing in research and development of organic high-quality skin care products is really worthwhile. We really care about the products that you use, so it is our responsibility to ensure quality of the ingredients comply with strict regulations. Using an increasing variety of natural ingredients and minimal use of synthetic colors, fragrances benefits both your skin and our environment. We carefully choose them to offer products that meet very high quality standards and deliver results.

Cruelty-free cosmetic and hair care products

We are a socially responsible company strongly believe in cruelty-free cosmetic and hair care products, hence our products are not tested on animals. Your safety and confidence in using our products is what drives us. This is how we have found a reputation as a premier source for effective and skin-friendly natural skin care.

Visit Le Bonheur website for a hassle-free shopping experience. A whole range of beauty products is available with handy information. You can shop for Skin care, Hair care, Lipo wax, Nutraceuticals, Special Skincare and Spa Beauty products. Le Bonheur also prides itself in having two sub- brands i.e. OS and Sukham. The OS offers exclusive range of dermal products that addresses specific skin challenges like acne, pigmentation, fine lines and matured dry skin. We have exclusive products for oily, dry and sensitive skin types providing much needed protection from harmful UV rays and exposure to sunlight. These products are tested for quality and effectiveness, delivering definite results. With spa-at-home products by Sukham, you can give yourself a luxurious spa treatment through an exclusive range of massage oils and mask treatments helping you to have beautiful skin and inner calm. Our products ensure that you are always in love with your skin.

We know how difficult it is to find all your favorite beauty products, that too all under one roof.
Not anymore! With Le Bonheur, you can buy great quality natural beauty and skin care products online at your own convenience at affordable prices, offering great value for money. To buy our products, you can visit our website and earn some great discounts. You have various options of paying via Cash on Delivery, Debit Card, Credit Card, Internet Banking and Paytm processed through secure and trusted gateways. We ship across the length and breadth of the country to almost every PIN/ZIP code using the services of reliable courier companies. And yes, our products are also available on leading online sellers giants like Amazon and Flipkart.

We at Le Bonheur are continuously working towards bringing the best of Beauty and Skincare products which are unique blend of nature and science. We firmly believe that urban women having flair for beauty deserve the authentic and purest beauty and skincare products money can buy.

We always strive to make your shopping experience even better. With Le Bonheur, your skin’s future is bright and brilliant!

We proudly introduce a few of our unique products that preserve, repair and rejuvenate your skin and hair:



Facial Kits:

You can get the salon-like glow and flawless skin at home with our unique collection of facial kits. These facial kits help in toning, massaging, exfoliating and cleansing the skin, making it cleaner and radiant. They also help you reduce uneven skin tone, fine lines, fight wrinkles leaving your skin bright and beautiful.

Explore our range of facial kits for flawless and glowing skin.


Face Washes:

We present you face washes enriched with the goodness of Vitamin C that helps in deep cleansing, makes the skin tighter and firmer. It removes all traces of dust, impurities and sebum, leaving your skin looking healthy, clear and toned.

Check our all natural and 100% organic face washes here

Cleansers and Toners:

We have some exclusive cleansers and toner that effectively remove dead skin, make-up, dirt and other pollutants. These act as a pH balancer which improve the skin quality giving you supple, radiant and acne-free skin.


We have an array of highly effective creams that smartly cover your skin flaws like blemishes, dark spots, pigmentation, acne marks and delay the process of skin aging. Give your skin a radiant makeover!

Here we have some elegant face creams for different skin types and various skin problems.

Hair Care:

We at Le Bonheur, are here to give you the finest range of organic hair products online. From Hair Regrowth Oil, Multi Care Hair Serum, Hair Spa and Multi Care Shampoo- you will find the hair product of your choice and need here.
Enjoy online shopping experience at Le Bonheur, your one stop online destination for beauty and skin care. Happy Shopping !!

Posted in Beauty Products on August, 2019